Rare Sugar Sweet

Rare Sugar Sweet

Glucose syrup containing Rare Sugars
Won't give up both Sweetness and getting Slim!! New Sweetener for the Next Generation!!

  • Natural and good sweet taste similar to sugar

  • Glucose Syrup containing Rare Sugars, which has been confirmed to reduce body fat

Ingredients (75°Bx)
Glucose, fructose, rare sugars (D-psicose, D-allose, etc), D-mannose
Food labeling
recommendation in Japan
Glucose syrup (glucose, fructose, D-psicose, etc)

Report: Effect of Rare Sugar Sweet® in Humans

A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled parallel-group study was conducted. Thirty-four male and female adults (mean body weight 70.5 kg, mean body fat 28.2%) ingested either a test drink containing 30 g (dry solid) of glucose syrup containing rare sugar (Rare Sugar Sweet) or an isocaloric control drink containing HFCS daily for 12 weeks. (**p<0.01)

Q:What are Rare Sugars?

Monosaccharides existing in small quantities in nature.

  • Technology for the large-scale production was developed by Prof. Izumori of Kagawa University in recent years and further research is moving forward.

  • Various physiological functions attract attentions of food and pharmaceutical industries;

D-psicose has no calorie,but has 70%sweetness to sugar.。It has functions to attenuate blood glucose level and to reduce visceral fat accumulation.

D-allose has functions to be antioxidant and to moderate blood pressure, expected to be utilized in the pharmaceutical area.

Rare sugars are being developed in Kagawa
Prefecture with the support of "Knowledge Cluster Initiative" Project led by MEXT. For more information on rare sugars, please visit http://www.kagawa-isf.jp/glycobio/english/ run by Kagawa Industry
Support Foundation, or contact us.