Functional Products

Cellobiose 90

Product Name Cellobiose 90 (90% D-cellobiose)

Contains 90% D-cellobiose (CAS No. 528-50-7).Cellobiose is a disaccharide composed of two glucoses linked by beta (1,4)-glycosidic bond.The beta glycosidic bond makes D-cellobiose strong, stable and highly-crystallizing character.


Raw Material
Cellulose from natural plant source
White crystalline powder
Solubility to water 14% at 20ÂșC
Applicability As a chemical raw material.
For foods, as a low-sweetness sugar, resistant to digestion (in Japan. For other countries, the regulatory review is required for food use).
Availability Sample from pilot plant is now available. Plant production is under planning.
Note Jointly developed by Matsutani Chemical Industry, Co., Ltd., Japan Chemical Engineering & Machinery Co., Ltd.,and Nippon Paper Chemicals Co., Ltd

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